Bianca's King "Leo"


My sophisticated look


I'm Bianca Rose's first boy.  I live with my breeder daddies (Scott & Tony).  

I live with six girls and I'm very protective of them!  As I get older though, the two youngest girls (Piper and Bella) tend to get on my nerves when they constantly lick my face!  I know they're just trying to show me that they love me but sometimes I just want to be left alone.

As a puppy, I liked to get up on high places (sometimes the Patio table when my daddies weren't looking) and watch the other pups.  I think that's why they called me "King Leo" because I  watched over them.

I'm pretty laid back and love to give my daddies sugar  (sometimes they call me Mr. Lickie).  


I was such a cute puppy!!!


My teen-age years...


Okay, Where's my treat?

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