Bianca's "Scarlett" Rose


My "Resting" pose


I'm Bianca's Scarlett Rose.  I also live with my breeder daddies (Scott & Tony).  They kept me to "show" in UKC and AKC dog shows but don't take me very often because Scott has to work on Saturdays and Tony is too scared to take me in the ring!  

I am also very laid back, but every once in a while, I get a burst of energy that my daddies call "crazy dog syndrome" and I like to jump up into Scott's arms.  They seem to like it when I get excited like that. 

I don't give kisses as freely as Leo and Cora do.  I have to be in the mood and then I might give them a kiss or two just to make them happy.  

When I was five years old, I became a mommy and had four adorable puppies!  One of them (Piper) lives with us and I get to see my boy Simon occasionally at dog shows. 


My profile shot...

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