Bianca's "Sophie" Rose


My  "After a bath" photo


I'm Bianca's Sophie Rose.  I'm happy to be back with my breeder daddies (Scott & Tony)!  When I was a puppy, I went to live with a retired school teacher that never owned a dog before.  She brought me back to my daddies after about 10 days because it was too much work raising a puppy.  I stayed with my daddies until I was 4 months old when they found another home for me in south GA.  

I remember my daddy Tony holding me and crying when he left for work the morning I was going to leave.  I didn't know why, but I found out later that day that I was going away.  

When I was 8 months old, I had a GREAT surprise... My daddy Scott came to see me!!!  I was sooooo happy and even more so when he brought me back home.  I was limping when he came to pick me up and I think he guessed that I was being hurt there.  I wish I could tell him everything I went through and how I was treated, but I'm just glad to be back home and I heard them say that I wouldn't be going away again!    

They took me to the doctor, gave me some medicine and I stopped limping after a few weeks and am doing fine now!

My Peaceful, Dreamy Pose


Another Peaceful, Dreamy Pose


My Puppy Photo (when I lived with my second family)

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